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E-Bike Rental terms and conditions

  1. When renting one of our pedal assisted bikes, the customer is
    required to submit a valid driver’s license and valid credit card.
    Reloadable prepaid cards cannot be accepted. 

  2. Riding a bicycle requires good physical condition and technical
    expertise of the rider. The renter will possess adequate
    knowledge and appropriate skills.

  3. The bicycle is to be used exclusively as a means of transport
    and must be treated with care, common sense and diligence. It
    is strictly forbidden to use the bike for commercial purposes or
    to rent/sell it to third parties.

  4. The customer is fully responsible for the electric bike until the
    vehicle is returned to BV eBike Rentals. The user is also fully
    responsible for any damage caused to himself, to the bike, to
    other parties and property during the bike rental period. The
    customer cannot make any claim for compensation against BV
    eBike Rentals.

  5. During the rental, the rider is required to comply with the rules
    of the US Highway Code. BV eBike Rentals rejects any liability
    for improper use of the bike or for the rider’s failure to comply
    with the regulations of the US Highway Code. The renter will be
    instructed on legal paths to take with the eBikes. The BLM and
    National Forest Service restrict the use of eBikes to roads and
    trails that allow motorized vehicles. Failure to comply with these
    rules could result in the issuance of a ticket by the authorities.
    The renter will be responsible for payment of this ticket.

  6. BV eBike Rentals can refuse to rent to people under the
    influence of alcohol or drugs or for any other reason justified by
    the judgment of the company.

  7. In the event of loss of keys or any accessories of the vehicle or
    damages, the renter, will pay the necessary amount to restore
    the vehicle to its original condition or replace keys, according to
    the estimate of the supplier. In case of theft or total loss, the
    renter will be charged $1700 by BV eBike Rentals.

  8. The bike must be returned within the time slot indicated in this
    contract to the same place where it was delivered or an agreed
    upon location. The bike will be considered returned only when it
    is returned to a representative of BV eBike Rentals in person.
    Failure to return the bike without prior notice or without proven
    exceptional circumstances will be considered an act of theft and
    the renter will be reported to the police.

  9. Each bike is equipped with a lock. If the renter decides to park
    the bike in any location the lock must be used to secure the
    bike. In the event of theft of the bike, the renter must file a
    report to the authorities and provide BV eBike rentals with a
    copy of the theft report. The renter will be billed the agreed
    amount as compensation for the stolen bike. If the bike is found
    or fully recovered, this sum will be returned to the renter.

  10. All riders must wear the proper safety equipment,
    including the supplied helmet. Gloves are recommended but
    not required.

  11. All riders must be age 12 or older. Those riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

  12. All Riders must undertake the pre-ride orientation
    covering operating instructions and safety protocol.

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