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The fear of trying something new and unfamiliar

Everyday Nancy and I meet new people with so many questions about the new sport of E-bikes. One of the things we love is seeing the expressions on faces of people after their first experience on one of our bikes after their first ride around our parking lot. These expressions range from a huge beautiful grin to outright outrageous laughter. You may be one of these apprehensive people unsure of a “motorized“ bicycle. Or it’s “OMG, I’m afraid of having a throttle. Or it is, “I haven’t been on a bicycle in 20 years”. And Yes, there are the purist’s, who will never be caught dead riding an “eee-bike”. And yet, every time they try one, here they come with that same grin, saying, “that’s pretty cool!” The best way for me to explain how it feels to ride our bike, is to say, it just feels like you have the wind at your back. Riding just feels a little easier. You are in control of your experience. Stop on by and try a test ride and join the Smile High Club.

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