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Ditch your spreadsheets and call the experts!

Congratulations on making the decision to buy an electric bicycle. You won't regret it. Unfortunately this can be an expensive decision so the last thing you want to do is make a purchase like this online with no support and without trying it out. Almost everyone we talk with about purchasing an e-bike admits to spending hours and hours creating comparative spreadsheets of all of the e-bikes they have taken a look at. By the time they get to us they are thoroughly confused and worn out. We know that feeling because we study the e-bike market on a daily basis (365 days per year), sometimes until our eyes are crossed. It is the wild west out there. We have ridden more types of e-bikes than you will ever get a chance to. How many of you go to an accountant for tax and bookkeeping needs? If you do most likely it is because they are experts in the field. Ditch your spreadsheets and call BV eBikes of Buena Vista Colorado - we are your electric bicycle experts. Save yourselves a lot of time and frustration. Call us and set up an appointment to try out all the new bikes that are arriving late March. They will be gone before you know it! 719-398-4554.

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