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About Electric Bikes


What are they?

Electric bikes are bicycles with an electric motor attached to them that can be used to assist with peddling on 6 different power levels. E-Bikes level the playing field between advanced and beginner riders, add distance to any ride and make hills a breeze. As we like to say here at BV eBikes, twice the fun for half the effort!

Why ride them?

BV eBikes is excited to offer you the opportunity to discover the joy of biking again. No more will your climb up hill make your heart pound, if you don’t want it to. The pedal assist on these bikes will allow you to choose your level of effort, all the way from no assist to total assist. Feel the huge grin on your face as you easily complete a 20 – 30 mile ride up and down hills and around our beautiful area.

Are they for me?

Do you have issues with altitude? Do you hate riding against the headwinds? Haven't ridden a bike in 20 years? Slightly out of shape? Recent knee replacement or health issues? Do you just like to have fun? Sounds like e-bikes are for you! Give them a shot!

Our eBike Fleet

RadRover Step-Thru

RadRover Fat Tire

RadRover Step Thru 1 1499 electric fat b

This bike is perfect for riders with hip or joint pain, limited mobility or reduced flexibility. It is easy to step through and mount and has a very comfortable riding position. Great for riders 5'4' - 6'2"

Emojo RAM SS Mini Folding E-Bike

emojo RAM SS.jpg
RadRover Black Left.JPG

Heavy Duty Fat Tire Electric bike.

Great for exploring the trails around Buena Vista or for cruising around town. 5'5" - 6'2"

RadMini Step Thru

RadMini Step-Thru 2 electric folding fat

Don't let the name "mini" fool you. This bike packs almost the punch that the larger bikes do in a foldable model. This bike is also great for riders who think that the larger bikes sits a bit too high for their liking. This bike is a blast to ride!

We also have Child Seats and a Tagalong Trailer Bike available for  children

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