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We do have several e-bikes in stock as we are clearing out inventory from last season. Great deals - up to $400 off on most bikes.Give us a call and make an appointment to see what we have.


$1699 - ADDMOTOR M140-R7

Powerful, foldable e-bike with 750W motor and 16AH battery for longer rides. Available in cyan.


$1599 - AVENTURE STEP THRU by Aventon

Step Thru Fat-tire e-bike w/integrated 15 AH battery, 750W Motor and Hydraulic disc brakes. Available in Red, Green and Sand in Sizes S/M and M/L


$1699 - ADDMOTOR M140-P7

Powerful, foldable e-bike w/mag wheels. 750W motor and 16AH battery get you farther! Available in Yellow, Orange or Black


$1599 - AVENTURE CRUISER by Aventon

Step-over fat-tire e-bike w/integrated 15 AH Battery, 750W Motor and Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Available in Red, Black and Sand in sizes S,M,L



$1699 - SINCH STEP THROUGH by Aventon

Aventon's newest folding step-thru bike with an integrated battery. This is a fun to ride bike with a 500 W motor and 14AH battery.  Available in Moss Green or Red.


$1799 - ADDMOTOR M430

Step Through e-bike w/24" tires. This is a great, comfortable bike for people 5'4 and up. It's 16AH battery and 750W motor get you farther! Available in Cyan and Estate Blue


M560 Gray.jpg

$1699 - ADDMOTOR M560

If you are tall (5'10" and up) and want a powerful e-bike this one is for you. Powerful with a 750W motor and long range battery at 17.5AH. Available in Grey, Green or Sand. Great value for the price!


$2399 - NEW TRIKE by Eunorau


$1799 - Addmotor M81 Cargo Bike

Great for hauling kids or cargo. Large battery with powerful motor.

We also have accessories for sale:



Comfort Seats

Suspension Seat Posts

Storage boxes and bags

Water Bottle Holders 


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